Other Services

Senior Citizen Extensions

Customers on disability or social security with a water bill due on the first of the month may sign a waiver form (PDF). They will not be assessed any late charges on their bill, allowing them to pay it after the due date with no penalty.

High Usage Investigation

Customers who have an increase in consumption that cannot be accounted for may call the Water Department at 219-462-6174, ext. 7 to inquire about their bill. If a review of their billing history indicates a significant change, the Water Department will provide dye tablets for testing the toilets. If the dye tablets do not result in showing a leak in the toilet, then the Water Department will conduct further investigation of the home to determine the cause.


If you experience dirty water, please allow the cold water to run for about five minutes. If it does not clear up, please call the office at 219-462-6174, ext. 5 to report the problem. If it is after 4:30 p.m. (Central Standard Time) call the 24-hour emergency phone number.


Requests for water line locates can be made by calling Indiana 811 at 800-382-5544. When calling, please provide your home phone number. State law requires that the customer give two working days notice. There are approximately 130 miles of main within the city limits and 32 miles outside the city limits.

Sprinkling Averages

We offer sewer discounts for higher water summer usage, such as sprinkler use, cultivating a garden, or owning a swimming pool through our summer sprinkling average. The discount is available for all of our residential customers.

Dog playing in sprinkler