Creating a Successful Rain Garden

There are three areas that make a successful rain garden.


You should construct the rain garden in close proximity to hard surfaces such as parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks. This will allow the rain to collect and percolate through the rain garden.
A Tall Pink Flower


A rain garden is designed with a depression at the center to allow the collection of rain runoff. Any degree of depression is useful, from slight dips to larger swales.


Hardy native species that do not require chemical pesticides or regular fertilization are best. Good choices for a rain garden are shrubs as well as wild flowers and grasses.

Recognized Efforts

The Valparaiso Water Department has been recognized throughout the community for its efforts to control stormwater runoff through the construction of a rain garden at its main office. Both the Valparaiso Water Department and the Stormwater Management Board hope that this project will set an example of a viable water collection and treatment system for residential as well as commercial or industrial facilities throughout the Valparaiso community.

Environmentalists, students, and the citizens of Valparaiso will be able to enjoy and learn from this project for many years to come. View a photo gallery of pictures from the rain garden.