Summertime Tips

Morning is the best time to water most lawn areas, and the earlier, the better. As the sun rises, so does the mercury. After about 10 a.m., heat steals moisture from your lawn through evaporation. When you water early, you can water less because more of the water is absorbed into your lawn. You save time and money when you water at daybreak.

Watering during the heat of the day can actually harm your lawn. Scald or burn damage occurs when hot sunlight hits water droplets that cling to leaves. The tiny droplets imitate powerful miniature magnifying glasses. At night, cool, moist conditions create an ideal environment for lawn diseases to develop. Grass blades watered in the morning dry off quickly, making it harder for a disease habit to flourish.

Don't Drizzle

A light sprinkling is the least effective method of watering. In fact, it can damage your lawn. A good soaking gets to the root of the problem by encouraging deep, solid root growth. Lawns without deep root growth are less drought-resistant and more prone to winter kill. Water only when your lawn needs it.

You don’t have to water on a set schedule. Water only when the grass or plants show signs of needing it. To test whether or not your lawn needs a soaking, step on the grass. If it springs back up, you don’t need to water. If it stays flat, it’s time to water again. Remember, when it comes to watering your lawn, the earlier the better!