Fire Hydrant Flushing Program

Unidirectional Water Main Flushing Program

The Valparaiso City Utilities Department has been flushing its water mains using Unidirectional Water Main Flushing since 2008. The goals and objectives for this program were to improve overall water quality, distribution system flows, and fire hydrant operations while at the same time reducing the amount of water used for flushing compared to our previous flushing programs.

This was accomplished by city water department crews flushing water mains in a sequential operation starting at the water treatment plants and then moving into the distribution system and working to cover all areas served by the water utility. 
Unidirectional Hydrant Flushing


The Valparaiso City Utilities now splits the city into 2 distinct areas, flushing the area north of Evans Avenue one year and the area south of Evans Avenue the following year.

The project will ultimately save money and water usage in the future and allow the utility to finally have real numbers of how much water is used for flushing. Thanks to the distribution and customer service departments for making this project a success.

More Information

The department normally begins flushing water mains in late spring / early summer.  The north and south sides of Valparaiso are flushed on alternate years using Evans Avenue and Harrison Boulevard as the dividing line.  Flushing is done between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. and takes approximately 9 weeks to complete.

Since flushing scours and removes minerals that may have accumulated in the mains, discolored or rusty water may occur in some areas during the flushing program.  The water is safe to drink; however, we suggest that our customers check the water before doing laundry to avoid staining clothing and other items.  Should staining occur, washing items again after the water clears normally takes care of the problem.

Please call either Customer Service at 219-462-6174 ext. 2, or Collections and Distribution Administrative Assistant Vera Trikilis at 219-462-6174 ext. 1349 should you have any questions or concerns.