Hoses / Irrigation Systems


  • Use a hose nozzle that can be shut off or adjusted to a fine spray. When finished, shut off the hose to avoid leaks.
  • Use hose washers between spigots and water hoses to eliminate leaks.
  • Do not leave sprinklers or hoses unattended.
  • Your garden hoses can pour out 600 gallons or more in only a few hours, so don’t leave the sprinkler running all day. Use a kitchen timer to remind yourself to turn it off.

Faucets & Irrigation Systems


  • Check faucets and hose connections for leaks. Repair or replace when necessary. 
  • Keep irrigation systems running efficiently. 
  • Don’t water during the heat of the day or on windy days. 
  • Install sprinklers that are the most water-efficient for each use. Micro and drip irrigation and soaker hoses are examples of water-efficient methods of irrigation. 
  •  Don’t water the sidewalk or driveway. 
  • Make sure sprinklers are adjusted properly to only water the items that need it.