Safety & Security

Number One Priority

Safety and security within our utility is a number-one priority. The tragic events of September 11, 2001, made management more attentive to suggestions made by experts in protecting our employees, the environment, and the facility.

The current safety program performs in conjunction with other city departments and through the guidance of the city safety committee. Required safety training is performed by city departments using internal videos, literature, and scheduled training by outside safety professionals.

Vulnerability Self Assessment Tool

In addition to the aforementioned safety procedures, the utility is on the verge of initiating a Vulnerability Self Assessment Tool (VSAT), which provides a comprehensive, intuitive system for water and wastewater utilities seeking to analyze their vulnerability to intentional threats and natural disasters.

One of the first steps in initiating the vulnerability self-assessment tool was the purchase of a digital recording camera system throughout the utility. The digital system allows for real-time video of vital process areas of the utility, DSL internet logging capabilities by authorized personnel, and recording capabilities through the utility file server. In the upcoming year, the utility will address potential threats and countermeasures to assure protection to our staff and the environment.