Post-Construction Stormwater Management

This MCM is to ensure the long-term best management practices and control measures are designed and installed to reduce or eliminate polluted stormwater run-off that will leave a newly developed, or redeveloped, area after construction has been completed.
The City of Valparaiso Unified Development Ordinance Chapter 7 Stormwater Management identifies requirements for this MCM of the MS4 Program. The ordinance requires certain stormwater control measures to be implemented and maintained for developments within the city. 
The City of Valparaiso with partners has installed many stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) throughout the city for post-construction stormwater management, including rain gardens, bioswales, infiltration basins, silva cells, and pervious pavement, etc.

Trees are great for post construction stormwater management. The City of Valparaiso is a nationally designated Tree City. Visit the Public Works Department's Tree Division site to learn more about the city’s trees.

The city also encourages citizens to install and utilize post construction stormwater management practices, such as downspout disconnection, rain gardens, rain barrels, pervious pavement and tree plantings, etc.