Finance Department

The Valparaiso City Utilities Finance Department provides comprehensive financial services to the water and water reclamation departments while following regulations set forth by the Indiana’s State Board of Accounts and Department of Local Government Finance. Under the direction of the Utility Controller, the department is responsible for maintaining comprehensive financial information about the Valparaiso City Utilities, developing an internal control structure ensuring that the assets of the utility are protected from loss, theft, or misuse and compiling financial statements.

Duties of the Finance Department


  • Prepares the Utility's annual budget and annual report
  • Audits all accounts and funds of the utility's budget
  • Manages all payroll and related tasks, including payroll to utility employees, federal state and other compliance reporting and payments, payroll system enhancements, and upgrades
  • Manages the finances and accounts of the utility and makes investments of utility money
  • Processes all purchase orders, claims and checks for payment
  • Performs duties concerning the negotiation of utility bonds and leases
  • Reconciles all bank statements
  • Issues 1099 and W-2 forms