Groundwater Guardian
VCU earned the Groundwater Guardian Award for 2021!
"Groundwater Guardian is a program of The Groundwater Foundation that provides support and encouragement for communities and team of all types to begin groundwater awareness activities, motivation to continue these efforts and recognition for their achievements."

​VCU participated in a number of different activities to promote ground water awareness such as Earth Day at the Porter County Expo, celebrating AWWA Drinking Water Week, distributing our annual Water Quality report along with the Household Hazardous Waste annual calendars.

​Click here for more information on  the Groundwater Guardian Program.

The Peak Performance Awards recognizes National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) member agency facilities for excellence in permit compliance. The Elden Kuehl Pollution Control Facility achieved the Silver Peak Performance Award. 
​Silver Awards are presented to facilities with no more than five violations per calendar year.  All treatment facility applicants must be publicly owned by a current NACWA member agency and be in operation for at least one month or more during a calendar year.

​Click here for more information on NACWA.

​The Water Reclamation Laboratory was awarded the Indiana Water Environment Association (IWEA) Laboratory Excellence Award. This honor is awarded for outstanding achievement in the implementation of laboratory technique and administration.  This award has been received by VCU every year since 2006.

​​The IWEA Safety Excellence Award was also presented to the Water Reclamation Facility.  This IWEA-sponsored program is designed to give recognition to all plants which grade high in merit points to such an extent that a plant may sustain a minimum of loss-time accidents and with a good point record could still be eligible for a safety award.  Safety experience of each plant is compiled by the IWEA Committee and recommendations for awards are based on points and accident experience of each plant.  The plant also undergoes a complete safety inspection.
Visit Indiana Water Environment Association for additional information.