Groundwater Guardian Award

Ground Water Guardian Small Logo

Valparaiso City Utilities received the Groundwater Guardian Award from The Groundwater Foundation in 2014, marking this as the tenth consecutive year for achieving this high honor.  Shaun Shifflett, Water Systems and Program Administrator, presented this plaque to the VCU Board of Directors at the May 26,  2015 board meeting.  Shaun also serves as VCU's Wellhead Protection Administrator.  


  In order to achieve this award, the Utilities:
  • Provided an annual water quality report to consumers to educate them on drinking water testing, as well as conserving and protecting groundwater. 
  • A calendar providing dates for household hazardous waste collection events was distributed to all water customers and landowners in the wellhead protection area.  The calendar also provided education regarding the proper disposal of hazardous waste to protect drinking water sources.  
  • VCU participated in an Earth Day Celebration at the Expo Center promoting water conservation and protection.

The residents of Valparaiso are 100 percent dependent on local groundwater supplies for their drinking water needs.  Current groundwater-related concerns and issues include both groundwater quality and quantity, as well as pollution prevention, road salt intrusion, and community outreach and education.  Valparaiso uses Groundwater Guardian as a source of ideas and information to further the local Wellhead Protection Program, and to become part of a network to help provide solutions to other communities with similar issues.