IWEA Laboratory Excellence Award

The wastewater laboratory at the Elden Kuehl Pollution Control Facility (WRD) was awarded the IWEA Laboratory Excellence Award at the 2016 Indiana Water Environment Association's annual conference in Indianapolis in September.  This program is designed to give recognition to outstanding wastewater laboratories for outstanding achievement in the implementation of laboratory technique and administration, while evaluating labs on their quality, cleanliness, and reporting skills. To receive an excellence award, the laboratory must score 85% or higher in each category as well as an overall score of 90% or higher. The staff at WRD earned a perfect score! 

The Elden Kuehl Pollution Control Facility laboratory has received this award annually since 2007.
WRD Laboratory Staff
Pretreatment and Biosolids Assistant
Members of the lab team include: Erin Leto, Hannah Seats, Rachel Lukawski, Yacoub Aljobeh, and Vera Trikilis (not pictured)