VCU Guiding Principles, Mission and Values

Guiding Principles

Guiding principles are those ideals and beliefs which provide constant direction to an organization’s management and personnel in the course of conducting everyday business activities.  The Valparaiso City Utility’s guiding principles are those expressed in both our mission statement and in our core values which have been expanded from those core values originally identified by the City of Valparaiso’s Administration in 2004.  

Mission Statement

The mission of the Valparaiso City Utilities is to constantly provide our community with safe and reliable water, waster and stormwater services in a cost-effective, responsible and exceptional manner while continually improving staff and organizational efficiencies.

Core Values

Values from the bedrock of all individuals, families, organizations and communities.  Shared values can unite and define each of together.  Values never become outdated or irrelevant.  While change is all around us, our values remain constant, giving us a continuity and a strong sense of shared community.  

Our core values, which serve as the compass for all of our decisions, include the following:

  • Honestly Accountable
  • Surprisingly Responsive
  • Creatively Frugal
  • Respectfully Compassionate
  • Boldly Proactive
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • Continually Safe

Our core values reflect the City of Valparaiso’s core values except for both the environmental and safety value.  Even though the City combines environmental awareness and a safety component in all of the City’s activities, environmental protection and workforce safety are of primary importance to us and are unceasingly stressed on an individual basis.