About VCS

Director's Message -

Leadership involves the creation of a plan and bringing others with you on the journey. The discipline to prioritize and execute the stated goals of the plan lie within the heart of an organization. The heart of this organization are the employees and our respective leadership team of the Valparaiso City Utilities which provides the expertise, dedication and perseverance that make us a leader in our industry within the State of Indiana. Read more of the message...

Strategic Plan 2018-2022 -

Valparaiso City Utilities created the second edition to our Strategic Plan in October 2017. VCU's mission continues to be consistently providing our community with safe and reliable water, wastewater and stormwater services in a cost effective, responsible and exceptional manner while continually improving staff and organizational efficiencies. Click here to read more on our Strategic Plan.

Memberships & Awards -

As a progressive and proactive utilities, we are active members of a number of water and wastewater organizations which provide us with up-to-date reports of processes, technology, and techniques. We have received award recognition from a number of our membership affiliations. Click here to read more about our memberships and honors.