Bulk Water ATM


The bulk water ATM allows water to be purchased in large quantities for various uses such as:
  • Dry wells 
  • Filling swimming pools
  • Landscaping
  • Irrigation
Flint Lake Bulk Water ATM 2022

Easy Accessibility

The unattended ATM machine is operational seven days a week, 24 hours a day. It is well-lit and easily accessible. All the user needs is a two-inch (2") water discharge hose with a male quick connect coupling or screw-on fitting to adapt to our connector. 

Bulk Water ATM Locations

The City Utilities has three (3) Bulk Water ATMs throughout the city. CLICK HERE TO view the Bulk Water ATM locations throughout the city.


The ATM machine is equipped with a back-flow protection device to safeguard against cross contamination of the city’s water supply and has a two-inch turbo meter with no bypass to restrict flow.

Advantages of the Bulk Water ATM include:  
  • Creating a safety factor for our community 
  • Eliminating damage to hydrants 
  • Eliminating dirty water complaints whenever a hydrant is opened and the sediment in the mains is stirred up
  • Paying for water in advance of dispersing the product 


The unattended machine allows the user to purchase water at the rate of $0.50 per 100 gallons. CLICK HERE to view the Bulk Water ATM Rate Schedule.
 The ATM machines will accept currency, and debit/credit cards along with Google Pay and Apple Pay.  The ATM machines do not give change. Only insert as much currency as needed to make your desired purchase. 
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