Operations & Maintenance

Staff & Responsibilities

Currently, there are five treatment plant operators and seven maintenance technicians. Both serve the purpose of operating, monitoring, and maintaining the water reclamation treatment plant and the 32 lift stations throughout Valparaiso.  In addition, the Utilities purchased the sanitary sewer system and five lift stations of the Damon Run Conservancy District in 2019. 

New hires are required to maintain or have the ability to achieve operator certifications from the State of Indiana. Certifications show competency in maintaining and operating a treatment facility. There are four different levels of certification depending on the size and complexity of the Facility. Valparaiso's treatment plant is considered a major facility according to plant flow and requires a Class IV Operator in Responsible Charge.

Maintenance Technicians

Just like operations, maintenance technicians for wastewater treatment purposes is a very specialized area due to the different types of process equipment involved. Mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and some wastewater knowledge is necessary for efficient and successful performance by a staff member. 

The facility is working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is a plant operator on shift at all times and a maintenance technician on call during off-shift hours. Utility management has continuous communication with all parties during off-shift hours, especially during times of plant upset or mechanical breakdowns.