The Stormwater Department is responsible for all comprehensive planning and management of the stormwater sewer distribution systems throughout the City of Valparaiso. The Stormwater Department works closely with a variety of other partners such as the Engineering Department, Utilities Department, and county and regional planning groups to improve drainage and enhance the quality of life in the community.


If you have concerns over drainage at your property, please fill out the survey below. 

Stormwater Projects

Visit this page to learn about City of Valparaiso's Stormwater Master Plan and stormwater projects.

MS4 Program

MS4 stands for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems. The MS4 program is a federally mandated initiative which looks at maintaining and benefiting stormwater quality. According to the 2000 National Water Quality Inventory, approximately 40 percent of surveyed U.S. bodies of water are still impaired by pollution and do not meet water quality standards. A leading source of this impairment is polluted stormwater runoff from urbanized areas. Polluted runoff is discharged, often untreated, directly into local water bodies over land or via storm sewer systems. When left uncontrolled, this water pollution can result in the destruction of fish, wildlife, and aquatic life habitats; a loss in aesthetic value; and threats to public health due to contaminated food, drinking water and waterways. 

Browse the MS4 website to find out more about the program, how the City of Valparaiso is combating this problem, and what you can do to help.