Cross Connection / Backflow Prevention

The Valparaiso Water Department is committed to protecting your drinking water. As part of that effort, the department is updating and enhancing our Cross Connection / Backflow Prevention Program.

A cross connection is a point in a plumbing system where the potable water supply is connected directly or can be connected directly to a non-potable source. Without a protected cross connection, backflow may occur due to back siphonage or back pressure. Cross connections are found whenever a plumbing fixture is connected to the potable water supply. Many of the plumbing fixtures have built-in backflow prevention, such as hose bibs, service sinks, and swimming pools.

Mandatory Backflow Prevention

There are several instances where backflow prevention is mandatory, such as hospitals, car washes, and sewage treatment plants, where there is a much higher risk to the water system.

Irrigation systems must also have approved backflow preventions assemblies, since water contaminated by weed killers and/or fertilizers can backflow into your drinking water and endanger the health of a household, neighborhood, or community.

Connection Inspections

Backflow connections must be inspected either once or twice per year. Please check with the Valparaiso City Utilities, a licensed plumber (PDF), or a certified tester to find out more about the required testing program. For more information on becoming a backflow inspector, please contact Howard Millsaps, president of the Indiana Chapter of the American Backflow Prevention Association, at 765-935-3561. Dues are $5.

Cross Connection Resources & Documents