Water Connection Fees

NOTE: The building permit that you receive from City Hall (Engineering, Building) DOES NOT INCLUDE any costs for water service installations or meter equipment and labor. 


Water connection fees are calculated based on a number of factors:
  • Location and size of water main (i.e.: side of street)
  • Location, size, and number of proposed water service(s)
  • Size(s) and number of proposed water meter(s)
A member of our department will inspect the site, determine the location of the main in relation to the proposed service, and request utility locates.  He will then calculate the price of the proposed water service(s) and provide an invoice for payment.

Please contact Mike Steege, Assistant Manager-Collections / Distribution, at 219-462-6174 ext. 1363 for pricing information. 


All water services and meter fees have already been paid by the DEVELOPER.  These fees include meter equipment (i.e.: meter yokes) and meter installation costs.  You as the builder are not required to pay for any installation or material fees.

You can pick up the meter yoke at the Customer Service Department located at 205 Billings Street.  You will also need to contact our Customer Service Department at 219-462-6174 ext. 2 to request a meter installation.  Our Customer Service Representative will provide you with an exact day and time when the Meter Representative will meet you to install the meter.  Please allow at least two (2) working days notice.

For subdivisions located outside city limits, you may be required by the county to provide a letter indicating that water service has been paid and is available at the address where you are building.  If so, please contact Susan Gustafson, Database Administrator, at 219-462-6174 ext. 1316 and she will provide the required letter to you.


Please contact Mike Steege, Assistant Manager-Collections / Distribution, at 219-462-6174 ext. 1363, for information on the installation of water services for Commercial or new Residential Subdivisions.