Connection to Public the Sewer


Wye Fitting

When a properly installed service wye fitting is not available in the sewer main, the applicant shall, at his expense, install a wye service saddle to the main. The opening in the sewer main must be made with a core drill and the saddle shall utilize stainless steel bands to attach to the main.

Saddle Fitting

The saddle shall be installed in accordance to the directions given to the applicant by the sewer department supervisor. The city's inspector shall witness the installation of the saddle fitting. In some instances, with the approval of the sewer department supervisor, a service wye fitting may be inserted into the main in lieu of using a saddle fitting.

Mission Couplings

Such installations shall utilize mission couplings with rigid stainless steel sleeves and stainless steel bands. The connection to the main shall be such that the service enters the main in the upper quadrant of the pipe. No sewer service shall be connected directly to a manhole.

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