Required Inspections


The contractor should notify the Sewer Department at least 24 hours prior to beginning construction or repair on any sewer service so that they can schedule an inspection. On the day the construction and / or repair is performed, the contractor shall notify the Sewer Department approximately one hour before the inspection is required.

Exposure for Inspection

The sanitary service must remain exposed for the inspection and can be backfilled only upon acceptance of the work by the Sewer Department staff member conducting the inspection and upon receiving an adequate record sketch from the contractor.

Inspection Regulations

The following regulations are important to remember when it comes to sewer inspections:
  • All drops or rises must be 45-degree bends You can use two 45-degree bends to make a 90-degree bend
  • All new sewer services must be six inches SDF 35 PVC pipe or equivalent may be used Six-inch clean-outs must be five feet from the foundation, then every 100 feet or at bends
  • A sewer permit is required before the job is started and/or an inspection can be done•
  • A sewer service must be bedded in sand or stone, preferably sand A dry base is required - if the trench has water in it, you must pump the water out before bedding
  • All sewer services must have 1/8 inch of fall per foot or one foot of fall per 100 feet
  • All sewer services must have a 10-foot separation from water lines or an 18-inch vertical separation from water lines
  • All taps on to city sewer mains 12 inches or larger must be saddled with an approved pipe saddle Any pipe under 12 inches must use a properly installed wye in the sewer main When a properly installed wye connection is not available in the public sewer, you can install a wye connection at your expense You cannot hook up to a city manhole
  • If the city street, alley, or parkway is torn up to make the repair or for a new installation, you must have a sewer permit and a right of way permit The city alley or parkway must be put back exactly the way it was before the repair or installation
  • No building sewer services shall be laid parallel to or within three feet of any bearing wall which might be weakened•
  • You can use two 22-degree bends to make a bend without clean-outs
  • You cannot have sump pumps, downspouts, or footing tiles hooked to the sewer service If you are repairing an old line. You must remove them at the time of repair