Service Line Responsibilities


The customer is responsible for the sewer service from the house to the sewer main, including the tap. All sewer service work requires a sewer repair permit.

If the customer's house is across the street from the sewer main and the sewer service runs under the asphalt / pavement, the customer is responsible for obtaining both a sewer repair permit and a street cut permit if the customer needs to rip up the street asphalt to affect repairs. Both of these permits are available at the Engineering Department.

Sidewalk Replacement

If the sewer service work also requires ripping up the sidewalk in front of the customer's house, the customer is responsible for replacing the sidewalk. The Sewer Department is responsible for the sewer main itself.

More Information

Please contact the Sewer Department at 219-462-6174 ext. 1361 should you have any questions or concerns.