Construction Standards

Excavation Regulations

Excavation for all sewers shall be true to line and grade as designed. Excavations shall be kept dry and free from wet, sloppy conditions during the construction process.


Any excavation in rights of way must be backfilled with "B" borrow (as defined in the Indiana Department of Transportation Standard Specifications) with the material compacted in lifts to at least 95% of maximum dry density. Excavation under or within two feet of pavement must be backfilled with No. 35 stone to the elevation of the pavement sub-grade.

Damaged Materials

No damaged materials shall be used in the construction of the system. Inspect all pipe and materials for damage prior to installation. Pipe shall be laid only in dry, stable trench bottoms. All sewer services shall be constructed at a depth that will provide protection from frost and, whenever possible, which will bring the sewer into the building at an elevation below the basement floor. The sewer service shall not be constructed parallel with and within three feet of any bearing wall which thereby might be weakened.

Piping Regulations


The pipe shall be bedded with care so as to provide the necessary lateral support required for the structural integrity of the pipe. Bedding shall be carefully carried to at least 12 inches above the top of the sewer pipe before the remainder of the trench is backfilled.


Pipe sections shall be fully joined utilizing the joint materials, lubricants, etc. as required for the particular type of pipe being used. All sewer pipe shall be laid and joined on a uniform, true grade. Any pipe not found to be installed as per the standards shall be taken up and reconstructed at the contractor's expense.


The City of Valparaiso recommends using PVC pipe meeting the requirements of ASTM D 3034 and joints meeting the requirements of ASTM D 3212. In no event shall a new sewer service be less than six inches in diameter. The slope of the sewer connection shall not be less than 1/8 inch per foot (1 foot per 100 feet) and a greater slope is advised at bends. The city also recommends the installation of a tracer wire with any new service. The tracer wire shall be accessible at the clean-out nearest the building served.