Meter and Backflow Protection

The Meter Department consists of four (4) Meter Representatives who work closely with Customer Service and Collections and Distribution.  They are responsible for:

  • Activate / terminate water services through Customer Service work orders.
  • Read and verify monthly meter readings.
  • Install customer meters (residential and contractor accounts).
  • Assist customers with high consumption concerns, faulty meters and/or equipment, meter upgrades.
  • Assist customers and builders with plumbing / meter installation questions.

Backflow Prevention is required for all water accounts that are NOT single family residential (i.e.,: apartment complexes, commercial and professional buildings, irrigation system).  In accordance with State Rule 327 IAC 8-10, the customer shall install and maintain in working order at all times any cross connection control device.  To ensure that each cross connection control device is in working order, the customer shall have the device inspected at the time of installation and at intervals not to exceed one year to ensure that they continue to meet the requirements of this Rule.  Reports must be submitted to the public water system within thirty (30) days of the inspection date.

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